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Four members of the Centre for Translational Informatics (CTI) leadership team form a core part of a new £1.5m Medical Research Council (MRC) Mental Health Pathfinder Award granted to King’s College London, under the direction of Professor Robert Stewart.

This King’s Pathfinder Award will build on our existing strengths in clinical informatics and deliver projects that provide the necessary groundwork for a world-leading national mental health research platform. Specifically, the Award will enable the team to develop algorithms to extract mental health data from electronic health records; and to establish the feasibility of working with schools and education data for mental health research. In doing so, the King’s Pathfinder Award builds directly on the CTI’s own mission to drive digital innovation in mental health.

The King’s Pathfinder team is comprised of: Professor Robert Stewart, Professor Richard Dobson, Dr Johnny Downs, Dr Paolo Fusar-Poli, Dr Richard Hayes, Professor Matthew Hotopf, Dr James MacCabe, Professor Philip McGuire, Dr Rashmi Patel, Dr Angus Roberts, Professor Emily Simonoff and Dr Sumithra Velupillai (King’s College London) and Professor Tamsin Ford (University of Exeter).

King’s College London is one of nine leading universities from across the UK to receive one of these multimillion pound grants from the MRC “to help researchers harness the power of data science for mental health research”.

Further information about this initiative and a list of the other Mental Health Pathfinder awards can be found on the MRC website:

3 April 2018

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